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By | December 1, 2010

With almost 200 Bloggers discussing “The Future of Digital Media”, it’s a difficult to impossbile task to define “rules” or even a “bloggers’ codex” – this topic fueled a vivid discussion last year in Romania. During this year’s event in Vienna, we asked our visitors to tweet their key points. For the last two weeks elaborate algorithms, semantic technologies and social graph pivotting where used in the process of sorting and selecting the following ideas… okay, not really – we handpicked these thoughts, so let us know your opinion!

1.) The content in your social network is as interesting/relevant/useful as the people in your network.

2.) Blogging is a passion, not a profession. The business models of old media do not work with blogs. It’s about relevance of content. Not about relevance for the advertising industry.

3.) The new source for interesting stories is data. There will be new career opportunities for people creating stories out of data.

4.) Good information demands to be shared.

5.) Politics is too important to leave to the politicians. Social media are great tools for mobilizing people.

6.) Social media are not valuable in itself. You have to be clear about what you want to achieve. And this has to have an effect on the real world.

7.) Losers are people who never try. Social media is a great enabler of new ideas and of new business.

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