The World Blogging Forum 2010 will take place in Vienna, Austria, on November 13 2010. A WBF is a special conference format focusing on the international blogosphere: the organizers invite A-list bloggers from various countries and connect them with the local scene. The program consists of different sessions covering various topics, each session starts with 2 to 3 short (10 minutes) keynotes followed by 90 minutes of discussion. The focus is on the future of digital media: how will social media shape our world in the next 10 years? How will the Internet change our jobs, our health system and our personal lives?

Don’t think of the World Blogging Forum Vienna 2010 as a traditional conference: there’s no separation between speakers and a passive audience audience because we all interact with each other on the same level. Instead of long keynotes followed by a few questions the World Blogging Forum is all about active involvement!

The essentials

Organizers: A1 Telekom Austria (main sponsor), Ritchie “datadirt” Pettauer
Partners: Digital Affairs, querform, VITE
Date:November 13, 2010
Location: A1 Telekom Austria, Lassallestrasse 9, 1020 Vienna, Austria
Twitter-Hashtag: #wbf2010

I want to attend the WBF!

The conference is free for all visitors and includes a membership on this site, catering plus an invitation to the official WBF party after the conference. As much as we’d love to invite as many bloggers as possible, we have a limited number of 200 spots on the guest list. Of course, there are “natural” limits when it comes to our budget and the capacity of the location, but the most important reason why we cannot accept an unlimited number of guests is the conference format itself: we want our guests to actively engage in the discussions, and this won’t work on a larger scale. So if you want to join us, keep the following in mind:

  1. You need to run your own blog (yes, this a bloggers’ event, and no: a couple of articles on a multi-author corporate blog don’t count.)
  2. The conference language is English, so if you’re uncomfortable speaking English, this is probably not the right event for you.
  3. We’re looking for active members: in other words, if you’re willing to join our editorial event and/or help us organise the event, that’s a huge bonus ­čÖé

During the coming weeks, we’ll post available spots on this blog, so it’s definitely a good idea to grab the RSS feed. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!