Yuri Zisser

Yuri ZisserBorn in Lviv, Ukraine in 1960 Yury has Lived in Minsk, Belarus since 1987. Programmer since 1977 to 1993, owner of various software development businesses since 1992 and in 2000, launcher of the nation’s biggest web site TUT.BY with news, messageboards, blogs, search, mail, etc. The website has +2 million unique Belarusian visitors per month.

Author of 3 books and hundreds of articles in Belarusian and Russian periodicals Yury is also the Author of “Expertise with Yury Zisser”, Internet TV programme at TUT.BY-TV. He participates in development of state policy of internet governance. His blog, www.zisser.by, has been running since 2007 and his opinions are shared among a wide range of society. Most publications and speeches are devoted to information society e.g. IT, social problems and traveling. Yury is Interested in web 2.0 regulation, acceptance of web from authority. He also likes to play the organ and travel.


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