Video: Session 2 – Discussions

Discussions after the second session “Politics, Education, Work and Health: The role of digital media in future societies / Futuristic Lifestyles” at the World Blogging Forum Vienna 2010.

Video: Michael Hafner – What difference does blogging make?

By now every blogger should be aware of the fact that weblogs did *not* completely change the media system in the last 10 years. The blogosphere has become and established part of our global media sphere, but in a much more limited way than most pioneers expected in the 90ies. So what impact do blogs… Read More »

Video: Heinz Wittenbrink – Organizing the unexpected

How to prepare for the unknown? All explorers are faced with this problem – the digital era is no exception here. Heinz Wittenbrink shares some very interesting thoughts about how to deal with the unexpected aka the future.

Video: Marko Rakar – The role of blogs in Croatian politics

When Marko talked about the role of blogging in Croatian politics, everybody was listening very carefully – definitely one of our highlights! Enjoy this talk – it’s not only very entertaining but also very inspiring – blog can gain an immense influence – Marko knows why: