Video: Matthias Lüefkens – Twitter Diplomacy

Who is talking to whom in which channel with what effect? We can never be sure, but Matthias does know for a fact which celebrities and politicians tweet their own updates. Enjoy his talk about Twitter diplomacy:

Video: Domen Savic – Communication Breakdown

The first WBF videos are online – look forward to excellent sound and video quality. Thx to apace, you’ve done / you’re doing a great job! First video: Domen Savic talks about how the Slovenian Ministry of Justice got the journalists by the balls with the help of a little bird: Domen Savic – Communication… Read More »

The blogosphere is alive and kicking

To continue on the topic from the two previous posts, the blog is definitely not dead. It is changing and evolving, but I see few signs of its demise. Let me give you a short overview of the situation in Sweden. Back in early 2004, when I started blogging, the typical blogger was a man… Read More »

Material – Slides and links

World Blogging Forum Vienna 2010 is over. But the discussions won’t end. We will provide you with links to blogposts related to this event and of course with the links and presentations which the participants showed during the event. And here’s the first one. It’s the presentation I showed at the beginning containing some  figures… Read More »


In order to survive blogs and blogging will have to change (and have already been changing for a while) by integrating other social media channels and APIs and whathaveyou. In the end, even as an aggregating and integrating nucleus of online communication – or as a black hole sucking in all the sparkling fanciness of modern times SM means –, blogging will have dissolved, i.e. transitioned into something that reflects the whole range of social interactions.

The blog is not dead

Maybe it’s not really the best option to write about the future of blogs on a blog, but from other point of view it is the best place for this post as they are not dead, wright? Many have discussed the state of the blogosphere and the future of blogs lately, even here on this… Read More »

How the Internet became the Web 2.0 and what its future could look like

Early last year at a conference, I held a talk on “5 Years of Web 2.0–A Look Back”. Based on this talk I will shortly summarize what exactly the phenomenon we call Web 2.0 is and how the Internet got there. From there I will try to outline two possible scenarios for the future.

Does a social community manager have a social life?

24 000 followers on the corporate Twitter account, 15 000 friends on Facebook….hundreds of DMs, questions, complaints, congratulations…this is what a social community manager has to deal with every single day. No matter the size, businesses and organizations nowadays have understood that social media marketing is an essential part of their brand. And one of… Read More »

With a little help, I became a “digital mobilist” – isn’t it awesome?

Thanks to the WBF2010 I’ve been thinking about my new job description. Many proposals have been received. It was voted on. Personal preferences have been proposed. The final result: Now I call myself a “digital mobilist” (in Austrian: “digitaler Mobilist”). “Mobilist” is a word creation, composed of “mobility” and “journalist”. Probably the first on our… Read More »