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The blogosphere is alive and kicking

To continue on the topic from the two previous posts, the blog is definitely not dead. It is changing and evolving, but I see few signs of its demise. Let me give you a short overview of the situation in Sweden. Back in early 2004, when I started blogging, the typical blogger was a man… Read More »


In order to survive blogs and blogging will have to change (and have already been changing for a while) by integrating other social media channels and APIs and whathaveyou. In the end, even as an aggregating and integrating nucleus of online communication – or as a black hole sucking in all the sparkling fanciness of modern times SM means –, blogging will have dissolved, i.e. transitioned into something that reflects the whole range of social interactions.

With a little help, I became a “digital mobilist” – isn’t it awesome?

Thanks to the WBF2010 I’ve been thinking about my new job description. Many proposals have been received. It was voted on. Personal preferences have been proposed. The final result: Now I call myself a “digital mobilist” (in Austrian: “digitaler Mobilist”). “Mobilist” is a word creation, composed of “mobility” and “journalist”. Probably the first on our… Read More »

Why ‘who we are’ matters in digital life

“(…) high-tech or digital products would be regarded as essentially culture-free products (…)” – “However, this notion needs to be revised.”

This post is a follow up to Susanne’s earlier post. It was great. It is an extremely important notion that we should focus our attention on where the masses are where WE are instead of where the masses are somewhere else.

Hang on – There is still culture, there are still habits

The main thesis to be discussed here, revolves around the idea that even though the Internet is said of being global and international, it just isn’t.