The crap mag – what did you not publish on your blog?

By | November 8, 2010
There is not much that does not fit in a blog: That’s one if the big advantages. But still, sometimes, other publication channels might be interesting:
  • Some postings are too long – it’s hard to read them (that’s what I suffer from with my one writing, and I guess it’s one of the most popular blogger diseases… :))
  • Some postings are too long – it takes too long to write them and you want to be faster on your blog.
  • Some would just look good on paper.
  • You would like to make money with some postings on some other channels
  • Sometimes you have to say something great, but you don’t really want to have that stuff on your blog
  • ..or because it’s good to be flexible and open minded, so why not used old-school-channels, too.
An idea I’ve been carrying with me for a few months now is the crap mag – the collection of what you did not publish on your blog.
I don’t consider this as another try to emulate links and networks with weird origami-style layouts or as a printed garbage bin, but as a great way to build an anthology of writers that is not curated by the usual suspects.
And I consider it as a nice way of reengineering publishing history:
  • It’s not rejected from print -> published online,
  • but considered not suitably for online -> published in print.
How could such an anthology be special?
  • It contains a wide variety of writers
  • Every writer is an expert in something – in more than writing beautiful words. That’s actually one big purpose: I want to have a mag where writers only write about stuff they are really experts in. By that I don’t mean two weeks of research, but a life of practice.
  • It could have a worldwide editorial board of independent experts (you and your readers): We’re all writing, we can use one or the other easy networking tool (#crapmag) to suggest topics
  • We can choose from the best experts, writers photographers to create a really excellent coverage
Yes , no, maybe?
I guess I can arrange sponsors for the first year, but it stands and falls only with your support.
I hope to get in touch next weekend, updates can be found with #crapmag, here and here.
Everything’s quite rough and improvised up to now – but that’s what we’re here for…
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