Each session features 3 to 4 lightning talks (5 to 10 minutes) followed by a round-table discussion.

A Twitter list of everyone who is speaking on stage can be found here.

Opening speech by Werner Reiter

10:30 – 12:30
Session 1: Global Communication Trends 2010 to 2020: An in-depth look at the future of digital media
Social Media is evolving at a rapid pace, yet nobody knows if Google and Facebook will still be the major players in five years. But even if the players change, the underlying ideas of the social web are going to play in important role in tomorrow’s media-sphere. How will the social graph paradigm evolve? Is mobile internet access going to be a key driver for new forms of augmented reality? In which ways will the digital revolution continue to shape our concepts of “intellectual property”?

12:30 – 13:30
Lunch Break

13:30 – 15:00
Session 2: Politics, Education, Work and Health: The role of digital media in future societies / Futuristic Lifestyles
McLuhan anticipated a “planet-wide, global nervous-system” long before the internet became a part of our everyday life. Yet after almost 20 years, the vision of a global communication system has only become reality for relatively small segments of the overall population. Language barriers, censorship and the urge to control this rising empire of bits and bytes have led to many conflicts. Will societies of the future control the individual or will be able to use the net as a means of extending personal and political freedom?

15:30 – 17:00
Session 3: Evolving Prosumers: Trends in media usage / production in the next 10 years
Traditional mass media distributes information in one direction. The internet based on its many-to-many paradigm has completely changed that. While crowd-sourced projects like Wikipedia flourish, social networking has gone mainstream. Every consumer has the technical means to even start their own online tv station completely for free. But what does this culture of free actually mean? What are the economic foundations of the digital economy, and how will content production and distribution change in the course of the next ten years?

17:30 – 18:30
Final Discussion Round

22:00 – Open End
WBF 2010 Party at Market Club
After a day of intense discussions we invite you to join the World Blogging Forum Vienna 2010 party. We have teamed up with Vienna’s finest: just a couple of weeks ago, some of the most popular Viennese DJs opened a new club named market. Look forward to a live set by Microthol and groovy electronic beats by Vienna’s finest mixmasters.