Marko Rakar

Marko RakarMarko Rakar (1972) is Chief executive manager of the consulting company MRAK services ltd. Marko has a lifelong experience in working/writing for media as well as dealing with media. He combines his media knowledge with new technologies and was one of the earliest internet adopters in Croatia. He is a recognized international lecturer and consultant the subjects of organisation, internet, new media as well as politics. He ran a number of successfull races for parties and independent candidates on muncipal, national and presidential level. Marko studied Philosophy and Information sciences, University of Zagreb, speaks english fluently and is regular collumnist and author to a number of blogs and web sites in Croatia and internationaly.

Marko is a member of the board of EAPC (Europan association of political consultants), member of the board of IAPC (International association of political consultants), member of TED.
In 2009. Marko received World eDemocracy forum award “Top 10 who are changing the world of politics” for his work in exposing voter fraud in Croatia (done through his group blog, and was arrested and questioned for 10 days by Croatian police in april this year as a suspect for publishing Croatian war veteran registry.

Marko is currently working hard on establishing eGovernment and open data policies in Croatia against the wishes of current government.

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