With a little help, I became a “digital mobilist” – isn’t it awesome?

By | November 11, 2010

Thanks to the WBF2010 I’ve been thinking about my new job description. Many proposals have been received. It was voted on. Personal preferences have been proposed. The final result: Now I call myself a “digital mobilist” (in Austrian: “digitaler Mobilist”). “Mobilist” is a word creation, composed of “mobility” and “journalist”. Probably the first on our planet 🙂 That’s awesome. Now my parents will finally understand what I do at work 🙂

5 thoughts on “With a little help, I became a “digital mobilist” – isn’t it awesome?

  1. Roland_Strejcek

    Servus Helmuth!

    I like your job title!

    My real estate blogging activity (german: Immobilien) and the journalistic part of it makes me to an “Digital Immobilist” 😉
    Maybe a nice new titel for my blog…

    cu Roland

  2. Tanja

    What exactly does that mean? How do a journalist, using a smartphone or netbook and a digital mobilist differ?

  3. Helmut

    A journalist, using a smartphone / netbook, uses the devices as tools. A digital mobilist writes about the tools, living with these things, and earns his moneywith them. A digital mobilist has only one topic (24/7): digital mobile. A digital mobilist changes his equipment in very short intervals. A digital mobilist uses almost all digital mobile service in everyday life. A digital mobilist thinks like a mobile device (not serious) 🙂


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